Friday, May 17, 2013

Fairy Tail: no, no, no.

Fairy Tail, the amount of really terribly unnecessary and awful fanservice in your last two chapters have filled me with a nigh undescribable level of disgust and rage. I kind of do want to continue to read you, for some increasingly mysterious reason, but it is really hard to read a manga when I am constantly facepalming at how gross it is.

Look, I don't really ask for much when it comes to mindless, generic, please-just-waste-some-of-my-time shounen. I really don't. And since I've gotten 300+ chapters without dropping Fairy Tail, it's not like there's nothing decent in there. But the last couple of arcs are getting more and more disgusting with fanservice, and if its going to continue down this path, we will rapidly reach the point where even the cutest of cartoon cats will not save this manga from my eternal contempt and loathing.

And considering my ridiculous weakness for cartoon cats, that's saying something.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cosplay is eating my life

Alright, I haven't made a blog post in....over a month.  Part of the reason involves a cosplay that I have been trying to put together for ACen next week (while the other part involves the considerably less fun "applying to medical school" shebang).

I realize this is only tangentially related to anime, but bear with me- I will have plenty to say about this season after I'm done with the Craft Project from Hell that is Maniwa Houou's costume (and applying to medical school, of course >___>).  Priorities, man.
Looking at it more makes me want to cry
So here are some of my recent additions to Shit Cosplayers Say:

"Nooooo I need to finish this katana before I go to church!"

"So that's what happens when you superglue your fingers together..."

"I really really hate inconsistencies in the anime art...PERFECTION IS IMPOSSIBLE. There is no right answer to the arrangement of the diamonds on Maniwa Houou's head."

"Cosplay when my parents are not home involves me running around in my underwear trying everything on."

"Cleavage tutorial that increases breast size by two cups?  Hell yes."

"Oh god oh god did I really just sew through my finger, now I have to take all these stitches out!"

"Good thing she's half naked, her costume is easy."

"Okay, I looked up "doppelganger cosplay" and got a picture of two Lara Crofts making out."

"Cosplayer problems: trying to fit six people in full costume in one car."

At this point my feelings on this cosplay are kind of like this:
And this:
Goddamnit threading needles

A real post will come....later.