Monday, August 26, 2013

Shingeki x Free....?

This blog is not dead - I promise.  We're finally done with costume-making, back from Otakon and ready to spew inanity or vitriol (though in this case, I refer to the former).

So inevitably, when two shows air together, people tend to lump them together in their brains.  This becomes particularly amusing when the shows are not even tangentially related to one another.  Shingeki no Kyojin and Free! are prime examples: Bloodthirsty titans and angst?  Meet shameless fanservice and hilarity.  This is a little collection of some of the wonderful Shingeki and Free! crossover stuff that I have stumbled across.
Or horrible, whichever
Damn it Levi now the song is stuck in my head AGAIN

These fandoms, why

bless these magical tumblr people

These aren't even Free! Shingeki crossovers anymore, I don't even care

I'll have an actual blog post next time, I promise.  Mostly.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Soul Eater reread (Ch 0-22)

Soul Eater is finally ending! I've been waiting for it to properly end for like two years now. You see, I have problems with waiting for manga to end-- sometimes they just drag on and on and I simply don't have the patience to wait through new chapters. I mean, I understand that ending a long-running series is difficult in the best of times, but these kind of shounen battle manga can easily fall into a trap of too-many-battles-HOW-BORING. (Bleach, I am thinking of you right now) Soul Eater was definitely hitting that stage when I stopped reading. Besides, this was a monthly manga, meaning it took even longer in real time to get through the boring stuff. Hence the two year wait for it to end-- uughhh TWO YEARS!!! 

(Alright, it could have been worse. It could have been like Detective Conan. I've been waiting for Detective Conan to end for the better part of a decade and it still hasn't.)

Hence in celebration (??) I'm going to reread the whole manga from start to finish so I can figure out exactly what actually happened at the end (and also to tell Kathryn because lord knows she's never going to do it herself)