Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A wild anime blog appears!

Angst and Pocky is inevitably going to be some sort of anime/manga blog monstrosity.  We watch a lot of anime (well, Kathryn does; Alice goes in more for manga-reading binges) but since both of us are cursed with a tragic lack of decent anime-watching buddies, we decided we ought to properly collate our various reviews/rants/commentary/what-have-yous that we toss at each other into some more organized format.

Alice occasionally likes going on and on about pointless un-fun things like misogyny and representation and character development and stuff like that in what she watches and reads. Also cats! She is a manga reading fiend, mostly because she has no life and likes to procrastinate. She didn't watch much anime until last year, when Kathryn prodded her into not being too lazy to sit in front of a screen to watch colorful shit for hours at a time. Yes, that is in fact an accurate representation of her degree of laziness.

Kathryn initially just really wanted a place to disgorge her particularly vitriolic invectives about SAO, a show that Alice is extremely happy to completely pass up. She actually keeps up more with "current" shows, so she will easily be the more relevant of the two of us. She also occasionally partakes in watching Live Action Things, Sometimes Even Those Of Western Origin (Horror of Unspeakable Horrors).

As for the title of the blog:  Kathryn decided on the name Angst and Pocky because, apparently, that is what she remembers most out of watching both seasons of Vampire Knight a few weeks ago.  More accurately, angst, Pocky, and surprise incest, but that would probably not make for a very good blog title.

If you are curious, here are links to our various MAL things:
Kathryn: Anime
Alice: Anime Manga

Let the rants commence!

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