Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Perils of Reading Forums: Shinsekai Yori

Why do I keep reading anime forum posts, when I know full well that they will only make me angry?

Case in point: MAL posts on Episode 8 of Shinsekai Yori.

Yes, yes, I am aware that Episode 8 aired two weeks ago, but when I checked the forums two weeks ago this post did not exist, so I am retroactively going into rage mode.

I have been following Shinksekai Yori weekly since it started airing in September, and it has definitely kept me interested enough to keep watching.  The soundtrack features the second movement of Dvořák's New World Symphony (which also showed up in Mawaru Penguindrum, one of the seven other shows I am simultaneously watching, thus breaking my brain), and good music is always a selling point for me.  The art style is interesting, if a bit inconsistent at times, and the plot is bizarre enough that I want to know what happens next.  But this is all beside the point.  Episode 8 of Shinksekai Yori in particular featured numerous same-sex couples, and both a yaoi and yuri scene - that were not even remotely explicit, unless you are dreadfully offended by kissing.  (Cue the inevitable jokes about Shinsekai Yaoi / Shinsekai Yuri, hurr hurr)

And the thing about it is, even for people who haven't read the novel or manga, this has been evident since early in the show when they went into detail about their "bonobo-like" society.  This should not have come as a surprise if you have been paying any attention at all.

I have a bad habit of visiting the MAL forums after I watch episodes of shows.   I noticed today that someone had made a post entitled "How many of you dropp(ed) the anime after finishing episode 8?"  I should have known better.  I should have stayed away.  But no.  I had to sate my curiosity, and I ventured into what I knew would be rage inducing territory.

Here are some of the lovely responses found in the MAL forums:

Hey dude, your homophobia is showing. 

The homo?  Really?  
Clearly these are forum posts from the cream of humanity.  The most frustrating thing about all of this is the absurd hypocrisy of it all.  So you like the yuri, but the yaoi is disgusting?  It's only okay if the yuri cancels it out?  Bad news, fuckfaces, they're all "homo".   But I'm glad that you feel the need to justify your masculinity through your ignorance on a public forum.   You know what?   Here you go.  You can watch this gif over and over and over again until the inevitable gay-pocalypse when society collapses and everyone catches homosexuality and FUCK YOU.

That said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  Even if those opinions make them fucking assholes.

Of course, I am well aware of the futility of arguing with the Hive-mind of Internet Morons that hide behind their laptops and troll forums.  But that in no way precludes me from calling them out on their dickery.  To those people: you can all go fuck yourselves with something hard and sandpapery.  Good day to you!

There.  Now that I am done ranting, have a nice special Madoka Magica crossover wtf picture.

But where is Kyubey?!


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