Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alice finishes Penguindrum

(Kathryn wouldn't let me read her last post until I finished anyway, so it's probably mostly her fault)

Ok, so I've already seen Utena, so it's not like I wasn't expecting total mindfuckery and weird shit and symbolism and what-the-fuck-is-going-on. Not that I'm fully clear on all of that too. That's ok, really; it is what makes this show so special. I will leave to others to fixate on and overanalyze over and drive themselves crazy with. But there's a few things I am still stuck on. Namely:


Yeah so. I knit a lot. I like knitting. I like knitting and watching anime. It is the best kind of multi-tasking. I gave myself rather painful wrist problems last summer marathon knitting a lace shawl and watching all four seasons of Natsume Yuujinchou.
Yeah, not doing that again.
So of course as soon as this adorable blobby thing shows up in Penguindrum knitting I start spazzing out in glee. Especially since it keeps knitting. How can I resist penguin knitting, especially if it's actually pretty close to accurate knitting and not just two needles stuck anywhichway like a dumbass?
also, you can't actually knit anything with chopsticks and noodles. trust me, i've tried.
Anyway, afterwards I scoured the internets for as many penguindrum knitting gifs as I could find! Alas, there were not nearly as many as I'd hoped. I mean, yes, there's a couple, some of which you see above, but where are the gifs of Himari-penguin's epic I-cord knitting, or octopus yarnbombing?? I would make the gifs myself but sadly I could not open the episodes I wanted on that program that turns things into gifs. Saaaaaaad.
typically one would have to switch needles and slide all the stitches to the end of the  dpn , but I do understand how awkward that would be animated, since it's too large an action and would detract from the main point. But I-cords!
Looks a bit like this octopus, perhaps?
While we're talking about yarns stores, I would also like to make it known how unspeakably jealous I am of this fabric store Himari and Ringo are in during this scene:
So, so jealous
It also kind of amuses me in a terrible, terrible way that Himari knits Kanba and Shouma sweaters close to the end of the series, before all of the shit goes down. The penguins end up all sticking together at the end of the series, so I guess those weird....things Himari-penguin knits for the other two don't count as sweaters?
Yeah, probably won't be finding patterns for these on Ravelry.
I should probably end this before I go on another knitting rampage. Anyway, damn you Ikuhara, why you must taunt me with all of this amazing knitting stuff, etc, etc T____T (shut up i already know i have no life)

TODO: attempt apple curry. 

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