Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Princess Tutu (the least helpful I-just-finished-an-anime post ever)

So, I went to the beach for a week, which was about as exciting as one would expect for going to the beach in the middle of winter. But during this time I did manage to finish Princess Tutu, a really rather good albeit girly and cutesy magical girl series featuring ballet and fairy tales.

Now, I could talk about the usage of fairy tale structure and contrast it with those in Utena, or describe the variously clever frame stories in it, or try to extrapolate various take away lessons from the stance this show takes on stories/fate/roles/etc, or simply gush about its pretty art and fantastic ballet and classical music soundtrack.

But I'm super lazy, so I won't. Instead, I shall just leave these skeletons dancing ballet here just so that Kathryn can rage at the anatomical inaccuracies:

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