Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A weeaboo's dilemma

I go through manga at a ridiculous rate. In addition, I sometimes just have a really short attention span and will get bored of the stuff I'm already trying to work though. As such, I'm always on the lookout for new manga to start reading.

I am much less picky about reading manga than I am about watching anime. While I am not actually completely indiscriminate in my reading choices, I've notice that my standards are much, much lower. It doesn't all have to have fantastic plot and art and worldbuilding and research and character development or whatever. Probably I take this attitude because it's so much quicker to get through a given amount of plot in a manga than in an anime, and therefore it feels like manga is so much less of a time investment.

Because of these admittedly really terrible media consumption habits, I just start wildly bookmarking any manga whose name is thrown at me by friends, various anime/manga sites, random people on the internet, whatever. So these all eventually end up in a very long to-do list of bookmarks:

What my bookmarks folder looks like at any given point in time, in absolutely no order of priority or any order whatsoever orz
Yeeeeeaaaaah. This leads to a different problem once I finish up a manga. Since there is obviously no order of priority whatsoever on that bookmarks list, what should I read next?

Possible considerations:
  • recently finished manga-- Should I look for something contrasting, or something that is similar, for thematic/genre consistency?
  • Other manga that I am reading right now-- would it be annoying to read too much of the same thing? Would it increase the risk of me ultimately dropping one of the titles completely?
  • Length, especially in comparison to other currently reading manga-- is it something short, that I can anticipate moving on from very soon? Or will it, in conjunction with other currently reading series, cause me to stagnate on the same set of manga for several weeks on end?
All these are initial factors, but I've found that even after this, there's yet a further factor that I never ever foresee when planning this out--- Is there an anime of this??

See, I have this problem with anime adaptations. I'm pickier with anime and am more likely to lose my patience and drop a series entirely, unlike some people. So if I already know the entire plot and what's coming, the complete lack of suspense my begin to kill my motivation to finish watching a series. Which is why, now that I've finished the manga, I will probably never bother watching Kekkaishi, since I know it only covers the first couple of story arcs anyway and is 50+ episodes to boot. It's also keeping me from making much progress in Hikaru no Go, which is a shame because it is seriously one of most well put together manga series ever.
But really, it's 70+ episodes of people playing a board game; is it even possible to get less exciting than that?? I mean, I'm sure as hell not getting anything out of staring at something like this for 20 minutes at a time

On the other hand, sometimes the anime series is really good. I do appreciate good animation and stuff. Ignoring the fact that I have a shit-long to-watch list for anime too, I would hate to miss out on a great anime and all of the benefits that only anime can provide just because I read the manga first. For example, I'm sure Shiki wouldn't have had nearly the horror-effectiveness that it did had I known what was coming next. And even though Sakamichi no Apollon/Kids on the Slope was a very strong manga by itself, I was really glad to have seen the anime first, since the storyline and everything so much from that gorgeous soundtrack and animation. I mean really:

*________* I could just stare at this forever

Anyway, I'm am putting in an effort to not to ruin these things for myself! I've held off reading Attack on Titan since the anime is coming out so soon (excited!) despite the fact that I keep hearing good things about it from all over the place on the internet, including from a feminist perspective which is always a big big plus for me. Also Silver Spoon should be getting an anime sometime in the foreseeable future, but I don't even know when so now pushed indefinitely down my queue of things-to-read and it just makes me terribly antsy since I want more good things to read.

Also there's Emma, which I've been wanting to read since Otoyomegatari was so good, but I am not really simply because an anime exists for it. And I can't decide if I should read or watch Souten Kouro but I really ought to do one or the other soon, because I feel yet another fit of Romance of the Three Kingdoms obsession coming up. And would it be worth it to even try to slog through an anime like a decade older than me, classic though it is, if it was originally a manga and I could just read that instead?

Argh. I just get a bit.... agitated about reading manga >.> weeaboo problems

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